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Whereas, the South Carolina House of Representatives is pleased to honor Jason Hart from Summerville, in the County of Berkeley, State of South Carolina, this son of South Carolina and his outstanding sporting accomplishment of completing the U. S. Super Slam, and the members wish him continued enjoyment in the hunt.


Now, therefore, Be it resolved by the House of Representatives: That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, recognize and honor Jason Hart, National Wild Turkey Federation Foundation board member and co-founder and general manager of Nomad Outdoor, and congratulate him for achieving the extraordinary milestone of the U. S. Super Slam.


Few people can boast of a resolution recognizing their accomplishments by the House of Representatives in their home state. Fewer still can boast of having achieved the ultimate milestone in the world of turkey hunting - a Super Slam. Jason Hart has accomplished both and a whole lot more.


“Hart,” as he is affectionately known amongst his turkey hunting acquaintances and accomplices, has been hunting wild turkeys for over 30 years. In that time, he has accomplished 20 Grand Slams - including at least one with every American gauge (10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410), with bow and with muzzleloader. He has accomplished 5 Royal Slams and 2 World Slams, and more recently, the coveted Super Slam, harvesting a turkey in every North American state where the species occurs. He did so over a relatively short period, in a rather unconventional way, and for a very special reason.


“The idea of a Super Slam first came to me when I was in college,” Hart recalled. “Fast forward 15 years to when one of my closest friends and old roommate J. Guthrie and I were  working for QDMA. We would try to hunt a new state every spring. I was up to 7 and Guthrie around 9.” The duo’s quest was cut unexpectedly short when Guthrie passed away suddenly in his sleep. “That’s when I realized life is short. I love turkey hunting more than anything, and I need to accomplish this, for Guthrie and for me.”


He started working toward that goal in 2014, but by 2015 had only racked up 13 states. “I quickly realized it would take a much more concerted effort if I were serious about accomplishing my goal.” Over the ensuing years, he added 36 states to his list of successful hunts, averaging six states per year and finishing in 2021.


That accomplishment alone was noteworthy, but it was even more remarkable how he went about it. “I had to do it while also maintaining a full-time job,” said Hart. “For many of my hunts, I’d only have two days on a weekend.” That limited ability was further hampered by the vagaries of weather (24 inches of snow over a 24-hour period in Arizona), hunting pressure, uncooperative birds and all the other nuances associated with turkey hunting. “I had to return to several states multiple times,” he said. “I made four trips to Arizona in four years.” He also had to contend with the luck of the draw in those states where permits are limited. “It was very unconventional. I bounced all around the country.” And very few of his hunts were outfitted. Most were arranged by networking with friends and associates in the hunting industry, often on public or tribal land.


While it worked for him, Hart recommends a different approach for anyone considering a Super Slam. “I would recommend taking a block of time, say 2-weeks, and do what’s called a swing, based out of a vehicle and hitting as many different states as you can over a particular geographic area. In addition to maximizing time, this also reduces costs like air travel.” 

Hunting new ground also represents a challenge, and Hart noted the importance of research could not be understated. “My research for the next year began almost as soon as the current season ended and continued from June until March of the next season. It was an important part of the process and a fun part because it extended turkey season to 365 days of the year.”


Hart was thorough and meticulous in the process, consulting hunting magazines, state wildlife agency websites, and other resources to research things like typical weather, which counties, regions, or wildlife management areas offered the best odds with the least hunting pressure and when were the best times. “As much as possible, I tried to time my hunts as close to opening day as possible. Wherever you hunt, hunting pressure can be a key limiting factor to success.”


While it was later in the season, Hart intentionally chose Mississippi to wrap up his slam. “I wanted to finish it with my friends,” he said, referring to Daniel, Neil and Toxey Haas of the iconic Mossy Oak brand. And he accomplished it in a most fitting way. After two days of hunting the notoriously challenging Mississippi longbeards, Jason Hart completed his Super Slam by pulling the trigger on Guthrie’s turkey gun, adding his name to the list with only 13 others who have registered their Super Slams with the National Wild Turkey Federation.


Note: Jason Hart received a degree in Wildlife Biology from Clemson University and has worked  in the outdoor industry for Avery Outdoors, The Quality Deer Management Association, Under Armour and Mossy Oak. He is the co-founder and general manager of Marolina Outdoors, Inc., including the NOMAD Outdoor and Huk Performance Fishing brands.

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