Drury Outdoors
Terry and Mark Drury have grown Drury Outdoors from hunting videos to include 4 hunting TV shows, numerous hunting DVDs and tons of online content. Their belief in the ethics of hunting and high regard for safety in the woods is a key factor in this 100% Wild 100% Fair Chase® Series.

Heartland Bowhunter
From the beginning, Heartland Bowhunter was founded with one guiding principle... quality. No matter the service, product or production, quality was going to be the baseline for everything embarked upon. Heartland Bowhunter documents the adventures of the team as they bowhunt all over the Midwest for anything from whitetail deer to Canada geese. Join the team throughout Season 6 for some incredible bow hunts from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Red Arrow
In this season of Red Arrow, Kip again delivers the shooting and archery skills, along with his brand of comedy, that viewers have come to expect! Red Arrow continues to be a show that exemplifies how much hunting is part of our culture that it is rooted deep in this great country of ours, and is centered around God and family. Red Arrow’s southern roots have this same foundation, and this show is as real as it gets! The show is mainly bow hunting with the occasional firearm hunt thrown in the mix. Join Kip for his very best whitetail season to date, killing more and bigger whitetail than ever before, and have some fun while you’re at it!

Live 2 Hunt
Nosler’s Live 2 Hunt with Cody Robbins chronicles Cody’s quest to combine the biggest free-range, fair chase animals; hard-core, never-say-die hunting attitude; and a humble, every man approach that makes you feel like you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime hunt with your best hunting buddy. Cody’s the guy who became Jim Shockey’s first official cameraman and TV producer. For years he was Jim’s right-hand man, traveling and hunting with the legend in more than 15 countries. Now Cody steps from Jim’s shadow to blaze his own trail in professional hunting television!

Small Town Hunting
Small Town Hunting is a show inspired by you, the viewer. The lifestyle throughout small towns everywhere has always been the roots of the hunting culture. Cody, Kevin, Chris, and Keith bring it back to the ground level by documenting the lifestyle of hunting in a raw, cinematic style that we call, Small Town Hunting. After all, where ever you call home, there is a little small town in all of us.

The Habit
A “habit” is an acquired pattern that has been regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. That’s how hunting and fishing have patterned the lives’ of John Paul Morris, Chuck Belmore and Jon Justice. They have hunted and fished so regularly, it has become second nature to them.

Anchored in their passion for fitness, Sarah and Josh Bowmar found they have many things in common when they first met but one thing they did not. When Sarah and Josh went on their first date, Sarah let Josh know that she was a vegetarian, but wasn’t against eating meat and said “Well, I would eat something I killed.” Josh then took her to get her first bow and sure enough Sarah understood Josh’s passion for bowhunting and together they traveled the world hunting.

Seek One
Follow Lee Ellis, Drew Carroll, Jay Maxwell and Kendall Golightly in their hunt for the giant whitetails that roam the Atlanta suburbs and new locations. They are hunters by human nature, adapted by the necessity to find adventure in an unlikely place. Over a decade ago, they began bow hunting the vast expanse of suburbs around Atlanta, where the search for permission is equally as challenging as the hunt itself. You won’t find any outfitters, high fences, or storied private ranches here….just a maze of neighborhoods, commercial properties, and a will to find the next buck of a lifetime. Access is granted only to those who put in the time, knock on the doors, and leave no rock unturned. But there are giants in these woods, and we know how to find them.

In 2012, Nathaniel Maddux and Jeremy Thomas dreamed up an idea over a campfire and medium-rare steaks. Tired of the ego and predictability of outdoor entertainment, they looked for a way to introduce their friends to the outdoors in a way that would be attractive and created higher retention among new folks experiencing hunting. At the time, the two hunters where taking classes in Seattle, and realized there were a lot of folks who had never had the opportunity to hunt, but were very interested in it. They knew that if these potential hunters were to tune into the typical outdoor TV program, that they would see the disconnect between hunting as God created it, and what much of the industry has come to accept as the norm…. hence UNDIVIDED, a film series about the tradition and heritage of hunting, and about the connections that are made spending time in the outdoors with one another

Pale Horse
Pale Horse Productions is a media company based in Georgia. We strive to bring story tellers, writers, and photographers together with brands to create authentic branded media. Every project starts somewhere, and for us, it is always with seeking the things that matter. The real stories. Combining our love of the wild places with our creative approach to marketing, we hope to provide brands with a service that goes far beyond the standard production company.

Our Mission Statement: The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

The mission of the National Wild Turkey Federation is no less urgent today than when it was founded in 1973. What we do in the coming decades will be instrumental in not only enhancing wild turkey populations but also in the continuation of hunting and quality wildlife habitat for countless species.

We’re losing 6,000 acres of habitat every day. Hunters fund conservation but now we’re at the point where less than 10 percent of the American population hunts, so the funding source is going away. We know we can’t solve this alone. It’s bigger than one organization. The NWTF is leading a collaborative effort to solve the problem with the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative, and our contribution is our dynamic volunteer base.


Stay on Target