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NOMAD Integrator - Shell Jacket

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Mossy Oak Break Up Country

The NOMAD Integrator Jacket is the ultimate hunting shell. From early to late season this 100% waterproof shell was developed to protect the hunter from the elements. Detailed features include: side zips for main entry, secure front pockets for accessory protection/storage, rear zipper port for safety harness integration and a center back zip gusset for shell expansion during late season. Know that you are 100% prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Gear built by hunters for hunters.




Staying dry on the inside is near important as keeping the moisture out. The top level of outerwear uses a waterproof/breathable material. It works by not only stopping moisture from coming in, but also allowing from the inside moisture out.

A DWR is used on the outer layer as first line against moisture coming in. Second layer is a membrane which creates another barrier for water coming in, but also a valve for moisture to escape.

The lining layer wicks moisture from your body towards the membrane. If a garment is rated at 10,000/10,000, it means that the garment can cylinder over 24 hours before it leaks. The second number is breathability. 10,000(grams) of vapor can pass through a square meter over a 24 hour period.


You can’t hunt when you are wet and cold.

To stay dry, you need outer-wear that has an exterior with a DWR finish. Without a DWR, the outerwear’s exterior becomes waterlogged and heavy.


When you hunt in cold weather, you don’t want to wear material (like cotton) that can pool sweat and leave your body exposed to cold temperatures that’s uncomfortable, but can even lead to dangerous conditions like hypothermia.

To battle this issue, we use synthetic materials with the peculiar ability to draw moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the equipment. This process is called wicking or moisture management.

The key to this is the material’s hydrophobic, or ‘water-hating’ chemical quality within the microfibers of the fabric. These microfibers transport sweat to drier areas – from the skin to the exterior of the clothing where it can evaporate more easily. This process not only moves moisture, but also pulls salt from perspiration as well, eliminating an abrasive byproduct from perspiration. This is what the term breath-ability means – that your equipment can exhale moisture away from your body.

The drier you are, the easier it is to regulate your temperature, the more focused you can be on your quarry.


Our prey can smell us a mile away. Here’s how we combat it.

An innovative apparel system designed to absorb and limit the distribution of human scent.

To negate body odor, Silver is used as an anti-microbial.

Scent is then locked into fabric by infused Zeolite (derived from volcanic rock) and released once washed regenerating it to as good as new.

This combination of Silver and Zeolite makes you near invisible to your prey.


These are sewn into the front and rear crotch and in the jackets. Allows for better range of motion. In the pants the hunter can lift their legs higher (tree stands and other climbing motions).

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