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NOMAD Long Sleeve Cooling Tee

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The NOMAD LS Cooling Tee is the ultimate light-weight, loose fit, hunting tee. From early to late season this moisture wicking tee is your go to piece. Whether sitting in a stand, engaged in a man drive or fixing fences on the farm, this cooling tee supports your lifestyle. Gear built by hunters for hunters.




When you hunt in cold weather, you don’t want to wear material (like cotton) that can pool sweat and leave your body exposed to cold temperatures that’s uncomfortable, but can even lead to dangerous conditions like hypothermia.

To battle this issue, we use synthetic materials with the peculiar ability to draw moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the equipment. This process is called wicking or moisture management.

The key to this is the material’s hydrophobic, or ‘water-hating’ chemical quality within the microfibers of the fabric. These microfibers transport sweat to drier areas – from the skin to the exterior of the clothing where it can evaporate more easily. This process not only moves moisture, but also pulls salt from perspiration as well, eliminating an abrasive byproduct from perspiration. This is what the term breath-ability means – that your equipment can exhale moisture away from your body.

The drier you are, the easier it is to regulate your temperature, the more focused you can be on your quarry.

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