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Turkey Hunting Safety: Tips Protecting Yourself & Others

by NOMAD Outdoor May 02, 2016

At NOMAD, we love the excitement and challenge of turkey hunting. It’s one of the most difficult yet rewarding forms of hunting, and like many American outdoor enthusiasts, we are always waiting for spring and fall turkey hunts. However, we all need to be reminded that turkey hunting, however enjoyable, can be a very dangerous sport. When done recklessly, turkey hunts can cause injury and even death.

You may have taken a hunter’s safety course, but it’s always wise to review proper turkey hunting safety so you and your fellow hunters can stay safe in the woods and the fields.

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Discover The Best Turkey Hunting States

by NOMAD Outdoor April 22, 2016

Every single state in the nation, with the exception of Alaska, has wild turkey hunting, making the sport easily-accessible to a vast majority of American hunters.

Some states, however, are better than others. According to Realtree, there are nine states that earn an “A” for turkey hunting. These states are located all over the country, so no matter where you live, you’re within a day’s drive of some world-class turkey hunting. So what are the best states for turkey hunters? Let’s find out...

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Clay Pigeon Shooting: Hone Your Skills This Offseason

by NOMAD Outdoor April 15, 2016

If you’re a game-bird hunter of any kind, including pheasant, quail, duck, or goose, you need to be a reliable shooter if you want to have consistent success. Sure, modern shotgun technology, including choke advancements, autoloaders, and premium loads, have made shotguns better than ever, but it still takes a skilled hunter to drop a fast-flying bird moving with the wind at 30 yards.

One of the best ways to maintain your shotgun proficiency throughout the year and hit the ground running come opening day is to participate in clay pigeon shooting.

This sport can be enjoyed with larger groups or just you and your buddy, so let’s learn more about clay pigeon shooting and why you should get started this weekend.

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Deer Meat: The Best Uses Of Venison

by NOMAD Outdoor April 13, 2016

The experience of deer hunting is certainly the best part. The second best? Many hunters would say it’s eating all that delicious and versatile deer meat.

There are many ways that you can use your deer meat, so let’s look at some of your options...

Remember that proper cleaning and processing is essential. Whether you are completely processing the deer yourself or simply field dressing it for the meat locker, you should always take the utmost care to avoid injury and the spread of disease, bacteria, and parasites.

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Best Hunting Jackets: Combining Technology & Design

by NOMAD Outdoor March 30, 2016

When you head to the woods and fields, you need top-quality apparel from head to toe. That means high-quality hunting pants that allow for flexible movements and less noise. It means base layers that keep you comfortable while pulling sweat away from your body.

In cold weather, it also means high-quality hunting jackets from NOMAD. Our jackets use the most advanced technology and fabrics to create a garment that meets the needs of the most demanding hunters in the woods.

From the cool mornings of early season to the frigid chills of winter, a hunting jacket from NOMAD will help you stay warm, comfortable, and effective on the hunt.

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Shotgun Barrel Chokes: Choosing the Right Tubes

by NOMAD Outdoor March 25, 2016

You might have to go all the way back to the invention of gun powder to find an innovation that is more important to shotgun technology than the barrel choke.

Although it seems like a simple, practically-obvious invention, the choke wasn’t actually a major factor in shotgun design until the mid-20th century. The first interchangeable choke system is believed to have been released in the 1960’s. It’s now one of the most important factors for shotgun selection, and it has just as much (sometimes more) influence on shotgun effectiveness as does shot size, shell length, gauge, and barrel length.

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The Importance of Hunting Base Layers

by Alissa Crankshaw March 15, 2016

The right jackets, pants, and masks are important for hunters, but far too many outdoor enthusiasts ignore base layers. Many assume that a tee shirt and a pair of cotton long underwear is all you need.

For the casual hunter, this might be true, but serious hunters make sure everything they wear will give them an edge in the field. This not only means superior outer garments, it also means advanced hunting base layers.

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Hog Hunting 101: How to Start this Exciting Sport

by NOMAD Outdoor March 09, 2016

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, hog hunting gives you the chance to test your skills and take home a cooler full of pork. Hog hunting is not only enjoyable, it’s actually encouraged by state and local governments who want to reduce wild hog populations.

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NOMAD’s Spring Collection

by NOMAD Outdoor March 02, 2016

For too many outdoor enthusiasts, spring isn’t a time for hunting. All the deer seasons are over, the waterfowl have come and gone, and we can only dream about next fall’s opening day for pheasants. It’s time to put away the rifle, the shotgun, and the bow, and break out the fishing rods.

Or is it?

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How Hunters Prepare for Spring Turkey Season

by NOMAD Outdoor February 23, 2016

Before you realize it, winter will be over and opening day for spring turkeys will be knocking on your door. Are you ready?

To have a successful spring turkey season, you need to start preparing now.

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Hoodies for Hunters from NOMAD

by NOMAD Outdoor February 16, 2016

Hoodies for hunters are designed to a higher standard.

You can’t afford to wear poor material on the hunt, so quality material is essential. You need clothing that keeps you warm and dry while allowing you to retain flexibility and movement. You also need camouflage, scent-resistant and noise reduction apparel.

On the hunt, you need hoodies from NOMAD.

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Best Hunting Dogs for Upland Game Birds

by NOMAD Outdoor February 11, 2016

Hunting an upland game bird requires two things: a shotgun and a dog. (Okay, a hunting license too.)

A good bird dog is so important to an upland hunter. Some jokingly say they would rather go out without their shotgun than without their furry companion. A dog that can sniff out a pheasant or quail is arguably more important to its sport than any other type of canine, including waterfowl retrievers.

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a bird dog, what should you choose? While there are many top-notch possibilities, let’s look at some of the finest breeds for upland bird hunting.

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Coyote Hunting 101: Tips, Tricks, and Information from NOMAD

by NOMAD Outdoor February 02, 2016

Although coyote hunting was first popularized in the western half of the United States, it’s quickly becoming one of the most common types of hunting east of the Mississippi as well.

From coast to coast, hunters are learning that the coyote is a challenging, rewarding hunt that lets them test their skills all year long, even in late winter or mid-summer, when most game is off limits.

Are you thinking of joining the ranks of coyote hunters? Make sure you start with the right information for a successful expedition.

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Training a Dog for Duck Hunting

by NOMAD Outdoor January 27, 2016

A good duck hunting dog is one of the most entertaining aspects of waterfowl hunting.

Seeing a retriever track a downed duck, leap out of the blind, and gracefully cruise through the water makes even the hardest soul a little softer. Through training, patience, and persistence, you and your dog function as a hunting team, creating a wonderful experience.

If you are training a dog for duck hunting, consider these important tips. They won’t complete the process, but they’ll give you the foundation for a dog that is ready to become a champion retriever.

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Game You Can Hunt in the Winter

by Alissa Crankshaw January 19, 2016

Deer season is over and part of you feels empty inside.

It was a good season, but now all you can do is practice your calls for the spring turkey season. Right?

Wrong! From New Year’s through early spring, there are still plenty of opportunities for hunters to combat cabin fever. Varmints, predators, and invasive species; they’re out there, so get outside and continue to hunt through January ice and February blizzards.

Let’s look at some of the species that will keep you hunting all winter long. 

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Master the Basic Shooting Positions in Hunting

by NOMAD Outdoor January 12, 2016

Everyone who hunts with a bow, shotgun, rifle, or handgun knows that proficiency is essential. You need to know your weapon inside and out, including proper loading, unloading, firing, and safety procedures.

You also need to be skilled in accurate shooting, which will not only help you harvest more game, it will ensure you make quick, clean, and humane hits. A perfect shot is essential for avoiding crippling wounds. An accurate hunter is a responsible hunter.

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5 Tips for Hunting Late Season Whitetail Deer

by NOMAD Outdoor January 05, 2016

Time is running out.

Opening day was a warm, colorful fall Saturday, and it seemed like the season would last forever. But Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all went by in a flash, and now you only have a few days left until the end of hunting season.

It’s time to get moving. Whether you’ve hit the stand every week or let the season slip away, there is still time to hunt.

However, the cold weather, snow cover, and dormant plant life create unique challenges for late season hunters. But with an adjustment to your strategy, you can harvest a trophy deer that will make your season a complete success.

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NOMAD: How to Stay Quiet in a Tree Stand

by NOMAD Outdoor December 29, 2015

While deer don’t have the most acute hearing in the animal kingdom, there’s no doubt that keeping quiet is essential for a successful hunt.

If you’re hunting from a treestand, staying quiet can be a challenge no matter what you’re after. It takes preparation and practice, but when done right, you can be one of the quietest hunters in the woods.

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Choosing a Hunting Rifle: Common Calibers and Cartridges

by NOMAD Outdoor December 22, 2015

If you are looking for a hunting rifle, choosing the right caliber can be difficult.

With so many options, choosing a caliber and cartridge can take forever.

We’d like to help by taking a look a five very popular hunting calibers and showing you the advantages and uses for each round.

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Gift Ideas for Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts

by Alissa Crankshaw December 15, 2015

Do you have a hunter on your holiday-shopping list?

It might seem like a challenge to find the perfect gift; after all, most hunters are well prepared for their pursuit. There really isn’t much they need.

However, you can find the right gift for a hunter no matter how well prepared or experienced they are. With a few good ideas and a little ingenuity, you’ll find the perfect gift to keep them happy all season.

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How to Make a Group Hunting Trip Go Smoothly

by NOMAD Outdoor December 08, 2015

Hunting can be a deeply personal experience that you can enjoy all by yourself, or it can be a time to share with friends, family, and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

Group hunts are perfect examples of the social aspect of hunting. People gather together with the common goal of getting outside, working together, and hopefully having a strong harvest.

Group hunts are great for learning new hunting techniques, connecting with like-minded individuals, and having a more productive and rewarding hunt.

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How to Choose a Shotgun for Deer Season

by NOMAD Outdoor December 01, 2015

In most states, shotgun deer season is far too short. Or at least, it feels that way to most hunters.

To have an effective, enjoyable shotgun season, you need the best equipment. With the right shotgun, you can be more comfortable and more effective throughout a long day in the field.

Looking to buy a shotgun for deer season? Here’s a little information to get started.

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Turkey Hunting 101: How to Harvest Your Own Turkey This Season

by NOMAD Outdoor November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving is coming soon.

While most people will get a frozen turkey from the grocery store, hunters know that a wild turkey, harvested from a nearby field, tastes so much better.

It’s rewarding to serve your own turkey on the holidays, so take the time to bag your own this season.

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Mastering the Turkey Call

by NOMAD Outdoor November 18, 2015

It’s okay to admit you have a problem.

You’ve spent hours leaning against a tree, calling and calling and calling the day away, yet the prize turkeys are always visiting the other hunters. You’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t seem to work. To make matters worse, you have to listen to your friends brag about all the alpha gobblers they keep harvesting.

The bad news: you can’t call turkeys.

The good news: you can fix it quickly by reviewing the basics.

Take a look at some of the fundamentals of turkey calling and the next time you meet your friends, you will be the one doing the bragging.

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