BOW SEASONI was suddenly awakened by a noise. Standing straight up in the bed, I was puzzled at the darkness and static-noise coming from the alarm clock on the end table. It was 4:45 am and I was in deer camp...Read More
TECHNOLOGYDuring the ramp-up period leading into the weeks before the opener of deer season, my electronic devices get a stiff workout. With archery season opening soon for whitetails, many of the bowhunting brethren are scattered out among the hills...Read More
CHOOSING AN OUTFITTERFor those of us who choose to live the outdoor lifestyle, offseason in all its glory can be a period to pause and reflect on our favorite pastime and more importantly, a time to plan for the future...Read More
TURKEY HUNTING HUMBLEDI used to think I knew a thing or two about turkey hunting. Back in the day, some twenty-some-odd years ago, I was pretty confident in my skills and my ability to call in a turkey to the end of my shotgun barrel...Read More
PRACTICEI would not consider myself an expert on the subject but, I have been there many times. Having said that, I’m not sure that even matters. What matters is, I managed to receive a great secret early in my career as a professional outdoor communicator...Read More
WHY HUNTI have been asked several times, especially after a long week of chasing spring gobblers with nothing to show for my efforts but exhaustion and embarrassment, why I choose hunting as a leisure pursuit. The question used to...Read More
BULL ELK HEROI have spent many days in elk camp. My fascination with the species and where they live started long ago when I was a young man. In fact, the draw of the dark timber and the thrill of chasing bugling elk was strong enough to provide me with...Read More
ARCHERY CHECKLISTWe all live by lists. Either we create the list ourselves or we follow a list someone else has created for us. There are back-to-school lists, grocery lists, “honey-do” lists, tax preparer lists, top ten lists, Santa Clause’s naughty...Read More