Our Story

Nomad Performance Apparel's mission is to provide the most authentic hunting apparel on the planet, at attainable price points. Nomad is performance hunting apparel built by hunters for hunters and is engineered for those who hunger to hunt like the ancestral nomads before us. Our apparel is designed for a community of people who are motivated by the experiences we share together in the field and our primal urge to hunt.

The Nomad system is engineered to help you get back to the basics of the hunt. Each piece goes together as a layering system but each can stand on its own. The Nomad system makes you a better and more efficient hunter.

Nomad is about what truly drives each and every one of us who hunt - the hunger to hunt and provide regardless of the size of the game. Nomad supports all forms of legal hunting and legal hunters and we are there for every hunter - from the first day of season until the last.

I hunt, therefore I am.