The Importance of Hunting Base Layers

The Importance of Hunting Base Layers

The right jackets, pants, and masks are important for hunters, but far too many outdoor enthusiasts ignore base layers. Many assume that a tee shirt and a pair of cotton long underwear is all you need.

For the casual hunter, this might be true, but serious hunters make sure everything they wear will give them an edge in the field. This not only means superior outer garments, it also means advanced hunting base layers.

Useful All Year Long

Thermal winter jackets and bibs are important, but perhaps the greatest benefit of base layers for your hunting apparel is the fact that you can wear them all year. These garments are excellent in the warm summer, as the light apparel won’t be too hot, and they are essential in the frigid winter, as they provide a comfortable layer between your skin and your thick coats and jackets.

Managing Interior Moisture

Our base layers use moisture-wicking technology that moves perspiration from the skin to the outside of the material. This keeps your skin dry throughout a long hunt, helping you stay in complete comfort from start to finish.

Scent Control

While each species is different, nearly every popular game animal has an excellent sense of smell, including whitetail deer, wild hogs, coyote, and turkey. To keep yourself hidden, you not only need camouflage, you also need our SilverZ technology, which negates body odor through anti-microbial technology. These base layers also use zeolite, which traps in your smells.

Reduces Noise

Our base layers are built to keep noise to a minimum. When you move through the woods or lift your arms to take aim, you’ll create less noise. This means your target won’t be alarmed, making you a more successful and productive hunter.

NOMAD’s High-Quality Base Layers Apparel

NOMAD Heartwood Top

This long sleeve shirt is the perfect base layer for warm-weather hunting. With a camouflage print, this shirt masks your presence while providing superior comfort. It’s available in designs from Mossy Oak, Kryptek, and Banshee.


NOMAD Heartwood Bottom

Designed specifically for hunters, this base layer bottom is more than a pair of long johns. It uses all the advanced technology and engineering we have to create a piece of apparel the keeps you comfortable, suppresses your scent, and hides your movements. Like the top, this bottom layer is available in three different camouflage styles.


NOMAD Sapwood Top

This base layer is perfect for your winter hunting apparel. It fits comfortably on your upper body, providing a layer of comfort between your skin and your insulating shirt or jacket. Available in charcoal grey, this base layer provides the superior comfort and style you expect.


NOMAD Sapwood Bottom

Keep your legs and bottom warm and comfortable with this superior base layer. From the advanced moisture-wicking technology to the convenient Emma Grip, which holds your socks in place all day, this base layer is made for serious hunters who demand the best.

Get High-Quality Hunting Apparel from NOMAD

Whether you need top-quality base layers or world-class hunting jackets, NOMAD has the garments you need. Browse our entire selection and you’ll be ready for a full year of successful hunting!