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by Ally Carey March 30, 2016

When you head to the woods and fields, you need top-quality apparel from head to toe. That means high-quality hunting pants that allow for flexible movements and less noise. It means base layers that keep you comfortable while pulling sweat away from your body.

In cold weather, it also means high-quality hunting jackets from NOMAD. Our jackets use the most advanced technology and fabrics to create a garment that meets the needs of the most demanding hunters in the woods.

From the cool mornings of early season to the frigid chills of winter, a hunting jacket from NOMAD will help you stay warm, comfortable, and effective on the hunt.

NOMAD Hunting Jackets: Combining Technology and Intuitive Design

Our hunting jackets are made for tremendous performance in the field, and we achieve this goal by utilizing the most advanced materials and the best engineering. Our jackets use a DWR finish that locks moisture out of the garment, keeping you dry and comfortable through a long day in the worst conditions. They also have scent-reduction technology, including the SilverZ system, which combines silver as an anti-microbial agent and zeolite as a way of trapping your scent, keeping it locked away from sharp-nosed animals like deer, bear, coyote, and turkey.

With these technologies, we use our innovative approach to create garments that are functional and effective...

NOMAD Dunn Hunting Vest

This excellent hunting vest helps to keep your midsection warm while allowing complete freedom of movement for your arms. It has a durable zipper at the front, side pockets, and a safety harness port at the back. It also has firm, flexible material on the sides for less jamming and pinching.

NOMAD Integrator - Shell Jacket

You can wear this waterproof shell jacket over any of your hunting apparel. It not only has a half-zipper front, it also has two secure front pockets and a back zipper that allows it to expand, helping it fit over large winter jackets. It also has a back port for tree stand harnesses and comes in two camouflage designs.

NOMAD Syncrate Hoodie

Part hunting jacket, part cozy hoodie, this piece of hunting apparel is perfect for rugged hunting trips, working around the yard, or wearing around the house. With side pockets and a half-zipper at the front, it’s made for serious hunters who desire the best in their apparel.

NOMAD Mergence Jacket

Excellent for cool, pleasant fall and spring hunts, the Mergence Jacket has all the advanced technology and engineering you have come to expect from NOMAD. It has a secure chest pocket for added convenience, but the water and wind resistance will make it your favorite piece of apparel for the woods and the fields.

Superior Hunting Jackets are Waiting for You

If you’re the type of hunter that leaves nothing to chance, then you owe it to yourself to wear NOMAD hunting jacketsYou’ll be more comfortable and more successful with these advanced garments, so check out our full selection and enhance your hunting wardrobe today!

Ally Carey
Ally Carey

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