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by Ally Carey August 14, 2015

performance hunting apparel

You knew that "clothes make the man" but did you know "clothes make the hunter" too?  

The most important thing your hunting garments can do is keep you dry and warm. But after that...they need to be durable, comfortable, flexible, and help you maintain stealth through silence and scent-reduction.

NOMAD is preparing to change the way you think about hunting apparel with a full line of layered hunting clothes. This is the latest advancement in hunting gear; so let’s take a closer look at why performance hunting apparel is so important, and what NOMAD can do for you.

Layered System Gives Your Hunting Wardrobe Versatility

NOMAD hunting apparel is more than shirts and jackets; it’s a highly engineered system of layers that is designed to give you year-round comfort. You’ll find light base layers, which are great for hunting during the early season. You’ll find pants designed for hunters to increase your ability to remain undetected. You’ll find vests that are built to keep you warm while allowing for complete freedom of movement. All of our products are designed with an integrated assembly, so they come together as if they were one piece but can be worn individually if desired.

Maintain Deadly Stealth

affordable hunting apparel

Talk with enough hunters about their experiences, and someone is sure to bring up a time when the trophy of their dreams was scared off, by the “swish” of a shirt or jacket. Absolute silence is a must for the serious hunter, and NOMAD apparel is designed to give outdoorsmen deadly stealth with fabrics that are designed for quiet approaches and smooth, easy movements.

Double-Barreled Approach to Scent Reduction

At NOMAD, we understand the importance of scent-reduction. It’s a factor that all hunters need to remember, and we have designed our hunting apparel to hide the human scent with two strategies: one to mask the scent, and one to trap the scent inside. The first step we have taken to reduce the smell of a human body is infusing the fabric with nitrates, which reduce and mask the hunter’s natural odor.

The next step we take is adding a volcanic rock to the materials. This rock is called zeolyte, and it literally traps the odor, blocking it from reaching your prey. Zeolyte is also a long-term solution to scent reduction. Every time you wash the garment, the zeolyte is completely cleaned, essentially recharging the apparel for your next adventure.

Freedom of Movement 

performance hunting apparel for men

Whether a hunter is using a bow, a shotgun, a rifle, or a spear, freedom of movement is critical. Hunters of all varieties need to be able to lift their arms, pivot their bodies, and react to anything in the field. Restricted arm movements can lead to a missed opportunity for a kill shot, or even injury to yourself or someone else. 

That’s why we have made sure to give the NOMAD Sapwood Top a different material near the armpits and shoulders. This flexible grey material has a stronger rebound, meaning it won’t bunch up, giving hunters greater dexterity. This has the potential to increase reaction time and accuracy for bow and gun hunters alike.

Safety and Assurance

You never know what can happen in the woods. You could be trapped, become lost, or suffer an injury. Smart hunters understand that wearing blaze orange is not just for announcing yourself to other hunters in the area, it’s also an important survival practice, allowing you to signal for help if you need it.

Inside every piece of our hunting apparel, you’ll find a blaze orange lining. It doesn't matter if it’s our NOMAD Syncrate Hoodie or the NOMAD Integrator Pant; hunters who wear NOMAD gear will always have the safety and assurance of blaze orange should they need it.

Comfortable Apparel for Every NOMAD

hunting apparel

Silent fabrics, advanced scent reduction technology, engineered layering; it won’t mean anything if the hunting apparel is uncomfortable. Hunters will wear their shirts, jackets, pants, and vests for hours on end, sometimes wearing the same apparel for days, so comfort is essential. NOMAD hunting apparel is designed for long-lasting comfort, with advanced poly-blend fabrics that are comfortable, reliable, and effective on the hunt. Shop the full collection of performance hunting apparelfrom NOMAD Outdoor so you are prepared on your next hunting excursion.

Ally Carey
Ally Carey

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