Tips for Noise Reduction on the Hunt

Tips for Noise Reduction on the Hunt

Imagine yourself on a crisp winter morning. The view from your tree stand shows you a serene forest blanketed in white, with no tracks on the freshly fallen snow. There is no noise except the boasting song of a male cardinal. It’s so quiet you can practically hear his feathers ruffling when he moves.

Finally, the proud eight-point buck that you’ve been stalking all season comes walking through the trees and wanders within range. As you ready your shot, a breeze picks up and rattles your ladder. Before you know it, the buck scampers off and you missed your shot.

Times like this, when a good hunt has been ruined by noise, is all too common among hunters. But you can take the right steps to ensure noise never scares away your season’s trophy.


A Clear Path to Your Stand

Most of the time, you will make more noise going from your truck to the stand than you will throughout the rest of your hunt. Smashing through weeds, rustling sticks, and stomping leaves will scare off deer for miles, so it’s best to make sure you have a clear, uncluttered path to your stand.

Get to Out Early

Arriving at the stand well before you expect a deer to come through gives you the chance to walk out, climb up, and settle in, long before these activities would send deer scattering. You might have a longer wait, but if you don’t have patience, you probably wouldn’t be hunting anyway. Consider arriving an hour to a half-hour before showtime.

Keep the Talking to a Minimum 

If you’re hunting with a group, keep conversation to a minimum. It’s not coffee time at the local cafe, it’s time to focus, so only talk when absolutely necessary. If you spot something in the distance, tell your fellow hunters with a quiet whisper, but if a funny joke pops into your head, save it for the ride home.

Equip Your Bow with Noise-Reducing Accessories

A quiet bow is a happy bow, so give it plenty of attention with accessories and parts that will reduce noise. New strings are always a smart addition, but you can take it even further. Noise-reducing tape around any area that comes into contact with the arrow will eliminate clicks and taps. You can also purchase after-market limbs, stabilizers, cable guards, sight windows, and more.

Make Your Tree Stand Quiet

Tree stands can be notorious for loud noises, but there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure it stays quiet all season long. The first thing you can do it to make sure you are using all the parts from the tree stand kit. There may be plastic washers and other components that are essential for reducing creaks and rattles. You should also grease your stand, but make sure to use oils that won’t give away your location through scent. You can also wrap your stand in noise-reducing materials. The ladder, the stand, different cables, and other parts can all be modified to reduce the noise you could make while on the hunt.

Wear NOMAD Layered Hunting Apparel

Wearing the right apparel will make a big difference in your hunts. With advanced hunting garments from NOMAD Outdoor, you’ll be able to stay silent in the woods. Our multi-layer apparel uses advanced materials to reduce noise in improve hunts. This is another detail in making you a more silent hunter.

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