How to Prep for the Hunting Season

How to Prep for the Hunting Season

The hunting season can sneak up on you. One afternoon, you’re grilling on the Fourth of July, then you look up and opening day is of the hunting season is only a week away.

Don’t fall into the procrastination trap this season. If you start preparing early, you’ll be a better hunter throughout the season, bagging top-quality trophies and bringing home more meat for the table.

Prep Your Hunting Area

If you’re lucky enough to own hunting grounds of your own, or if you have access and permission to make changes to an area, then you should get started by prepping the land. Make sure the trails are clear of brush and logs, and put up trail cams so you have early information on the available deer and game. If you haven’t done so, put in your hunting stand as early as possible so deer and other game get used to its presence.

Sight Your Bow or Rifle

Having an accurate hunting weapon is essential. You don’t want to miss, or worse, injure an animal because of poor shooting. Take your time on the range, and start well in advance. If you wait until the last week before opening day, you’re going to have a full gun range to deal with, so get out early and get out often to perfect your shooting and sight your weapon to hit a dime.

Practice Shooting from Hunting Positions, Angles and Locations

Not to many hunters get the chance to fire their rifle from a comfortable firing table, and few archers will fire a straight, flat arrow into their targets. You will be crouching, kneeling, sitting, and shooting at different angles, especially the top-down angle from a deer stand. After you have practiced at the range, try taking the time to shoot in your own hunting area so you are fully prepared for the real thing.

Get Your Body Physically Ready

Most hunting is fairly easy on the body, so you don’t need to be an Olympian. You should, however, be physically prepared for the hunt. If you haven’t been walking or exercising during the summer, get started soon so you are fully capable of hiking to your hunting grounds, carrying your equipment, and bringing back your kill. Walking, jogging, and light lifting are a good start, but you should also practice getting in and out of your deer stand for good measure.

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