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Famous Football Players Who Love to Hunt

by NOMAD Outdoor September 09, 2015

As summer turns to fall, it means two things for many Americans: football and hunting. It’s a time of pigskin, duck blinds, and changing leaves. With so many hunters in the country, it’s no surprise that many famous football players also enjoy the great outdoors.

Take a look at our list of some famous football players who also love hunting deer, pheasant, bear, and other game.



Jared Allen, Linebacker

affordable hunting gearAlthough Jared Allen was officially listed as a linebacker for his career, he was often found lining up in the trenches at the defensive end position. One the best pass rushers in recent memory, Allen was also entertaining for his wild character, energetic playing style, and outdoor enthusiasm. He played college ball in Idaho and spend most of his career in Minnesota, all along hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. He even published his own cookbook loaded with recipes for bear, elk, and more.

Justin Tuck, Defensive End

performance hunting gearTuck appreciates a challenge. A talented football player, he still had to fight his way into the starting lineup at Notre Dame. He redshirted and came off the bench before becoming a starter. He fought through injuries in both college and the pros, but became a pro bowler with the New York Giants twice, and also winning two Super Bowls as well. His appreciation for challenges is reflecting in his love of bow hunting, which he finds more rewarding than shotgun or rifle hunts. He has bow hunted in Africa, South America, and the U.S.

Brett Kiesel, Defensive End

NOMAD OutdoorGrowing up in Wyoming, defensive end Brett Kiesel learned to hunt from an early age, and he kept this passion when he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pro Bowler and two-time Super Bowl champion took full advantage of Pennsylvania’s rifle hunting deer season. With his signature mountain-man beard and passion for the outdoors, it’s easy to see Kiesel escaping into the Rockies after his playing career. Harder to picture, however, is his 6’4”, 285-pound frame crawling into a tree stand.

Brett Favre, Quarterback

performance hunting apparelGreen Bay’s gunslinger was always must-watch television, and he frustrated defenses all over the league with his powerful arm and unpredictable play. The boy from Mississippi now hunts his home state, specifically a 465-acre property that has turkey, deer, and a few wild hogs. He also loves hunting in the north woods, and confessed to sneaking back into Wisconsin the first November he was retired, all so he could go hunting.

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