How to Choose the Right Hunting Bow

How to Choose the Right Hunting Bow

Bow hunting is an addicting sport, but without the right equipment, it can be very frustrating. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need is the right bow.

There is an old adage for buying a car that says you need two things: knowledge and patience. The same principle applies to buying your first hunting bow. Don’t walk into a store and purchase the first one that catches your eye; take your time, test a few options, and think about your purchase.

First Decision: Traditional or Compound

The first choice you need to make when selecting a bow is whether or not you want a traditional bow, also called a recurve bow, or a modern compound bow, which is mechanically designed to deliver more power and better accuracy. As you might have guessed, compound bows are the favorite choice for hunters, and while some skilled archers use recurve bows for hunting, most hunters will use compound bows. Not only are compound bows more powerful and accurate, they are also generally smaller, making them ideal for tree stands and hunting in brush and thick forests.

New vs. Used

You will also want to decide whether you need a brand-new bow or could get by with a used one. The advantage of a new bow is the reliability and long-term use. When purchasing a new bow, you can choose one that perfectly fits your needs, and you may have the advantage of manufacturer warranties. When purchasing a used bow, you will be at the mercy of what’s available, and you never know if a bow in your size is waiting. You can, however, find some excellent bows that show almost no wear at all. Slap on a new string and you could have the best bow out there. If you are purchasing used, it’s a good idea to bring along someone who has experience with bow hunting for advice.

What Are You Hunting?

What are you going to hunt? Deer? Turkey? Black bear? Moose? Just like hunting with a rifle of a shotgun, knowing your target is crucial to selecting the right weapon. Different bows have different capabilities for driving an arrow and delivering a kill shot, so think about what you want to hunt and make sure the bow you choose is capable of handling the target.

Get Professionally Fitted for a Bow

When selecting a bow, especially your first bow, let a professional fit you correctly. There are many factors that come into play, and while the process of fitting a bow is pretty simple, an experienced professional can help you choose a bow that is more comfortable and easy to shoot.

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