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Treestand Safety Tips from NOMAD Outdoor

by NOMAD Outdoor September 16, 2015

Every hunter needs to take treestand safety seriously. Falls and injuries are far too common, but all of them could have been prevented by preparation, attentiveness, and the right safety procedures.

Before you climb into your stand, make sure you are doing it right. Keep these 9 safety tips in mind and you’ll be better equipped to avoid any hunting accidents. 

  1. Find a Well-Designed Treestand.Make sure you are using a treestand that meets all the latest standards for safety and longevity. Since 2006, the Treestand Manufacturers Association has been testing and approving products, so make sure the one you purchase is approved by this organization and you’ll have a safer, more reliable treestand. Each is different, so read the instructions thoroughly before installing the product. Make sure all the parts and accessories are used to ensure long-term safety in the stand.
  1. Select a Strong, Healthy Tree.The best stand in the world won’t make any difference if you are using the wrong tree. Not only should your tree be strong and healthy, it should be the right size to fit your stand.
  1. Practice Getting in and Out of the Treestand While Someone is Around.Treestand inspection and practice should be part of your hunting season preparation. Go to your treestand with a friend and practice getting in and out of it. This will give you the opportunity to test the stand with someone who can help. It will also put a second pair of eyes on your stand, increasing the chance if finding a potential problem.
  1. Keep a Whistle, Phone, and Flashlight With You.What would happen if you were stuck in your stand or injured and unable to make it back? Be prepared for the worst by keeping communication tools in your pack, including a whistle, cell phone, flashlight, and even flares.
  1. Maintain Three Points of Contact.The Rule of Three. Roofers know it, painters know it, and deer hunters should know it too. Always keep three points on contact with the ladder whether you are moving up or down.
  1. Never Climb with a Weapon.Possibly the most foolish thing you can ever do is climb into your stand with your weapon. Make sure your gun is unloaded, keep the safety on, and use a haul line to ensure maximum safety while climbing.
  1. Always Wear Your Harness.The tree harness is your safety belt. Wear it at all times and you’ll save yourself from broken bones and dangerous injuries. Don’t take your harness off until you are ready to get down.
  1. Take a Treestand Safety Course.At NOMAD, we believe every hunter should complete a treestand safety course. Many states have free online safety courses specifically focused on treestand safety, and taking the time to complete one is a wise decision.
  1. Wear the Best Hunting Apparel.When hunting from a treestand, you need comfortable apparel that is scent and noise resistant. With the layered garment system from NOMAD Outdoor, you’ll have all the right hunting pants, shirts, and jackets to keep you going strong from start to finish.
NOMAD Outdoor
NOMAD Outdoor

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