Hunting Apparel for the Fall

Hunting Apparel for the Fall

Finally, the fall has arrived. You’ve been waiting all summer for the start of the season, and now you can actually start hunting again!

Before you head for the fields and woods, make sure you have the right hunting gear. The fall creates a wide variety of weather, so you need to be prepared to hunt through cold mornings, rainy days, windy conditions, and hot afternoons. You need the right garments to get through fall hunting.

Let’s take a look at some of the top fall hunting apparel choices from NOMAD Outdoor.

NOMAD Hunter’s Beanie

If you are looking for a hat to keep your head warm during early morning hunts, the NOMAD Hunter’s Beanie is a great choice. This cap is perfect for the fall thanks to snug fits and cozy fabrics. It’s available in five different colors and styles, including blaze orange and camo prints, making it perfect for any hunter.




NOMAD Neck Gaitor

Anglers know the importance of a quality gaitor to protect their faces and necks from the sun, harsh winds, and cool weather. Hunters should know it too. The NOMAD Neck Gaitor uses the best technology available, including moisture-wicking features and breathable fabrics. Don’t start your fall hunt without this advanced piece of hunting apparel.




NOMAD Integrator Shell Jacket

This is one of the most sophisticated hunting shell jackets available. You’ll have an all-encompassing jacket that delivers 100% waterproof materials and a wealth of innovative features that make hunting easier and more convenient. You’ll have side-zips for easy entry into the jacket and a comfortable fit, secure the front pockets to keep items dry, a rear zipper port for a treestand safety harness, and back zipper gussets that allow the jacket to expand, helping it fit over warm clothing in the late season.



NOMAD Mergence Jacket

Sleek, comfortable, and flexible, this is the perfect jacket for hunters seeking duck, deer, and other game in the fall. It uses a soft shell to wrap you in warmth and comfort, but it also has the advanced technology that hunters have come to expect from NOMAD, including noise and scent-reduction features. With moisture management, this jacket has the superior features that you need for an all-day hunting adventure.



NOMAD Syncrate Pants

These are our medium-weight pants that are perfect for the fall. Not only do they have water-resistant fabrics, they also stop the wind from reaching your skin, giving you all day comfort in practically any weather. These innovative pants have an auto-adjust elastic waist, secure rear pockets, and articulated knees for enhanced mobility, helping you become a more effective hunter. 




NOMAD LS Cooling Tee

Warm fall afternoons require something light and cool, and the NOMAD LS Cooling Tee is the perfect choice for sunny autumn days. This long-sleeve tee shirt delivers moisture-wicking technology, which will help you stay dry and comfortable during fall rainstorms. This breathable shirt also helps you stay warm when needed by wicking away moisture that can cool the body. It’s the ultimate shirt for the entire hunting season.



Get the Fall Hunting Apparel You Need

Visit the online store from NOMAD Outdoor and check out all of the performance hunting apparel this season. When you check out our full selection, you’ll find apparel this is perfect for all your hunting needs.