Tips for Hunting with Kids

Tips for Hunting with Kids

If you love hunting, you should always protect the sport for future generations. The best way you can ensure good hunting for decades to come is by teaching kids proper hunting skills.

Whether you are a parent, an aunt or uncle, or a mentor, taking kids hunting is a rewarding experience.

Safety is the #1 Priority

Safety should be the absolute, #1 goal for hunting with kids. Communicate proper safety and make sure they know the rules. Showing kids that good hunting starts with a mind towards safety is the first priority for shaping future hunters.

Make it About the Kids

After safety, you should focus on making the hunt enjoyable for the kids. Everything you do should be geared towards keeping the kids involved, happy, and comfortable. You can focus on bagging a trophy later; right now, it’s the child that matters.

Keep the Hunts Short

You might stay in your treestand from sunup to sundown, but you can’t expect the same endurance from children. Plan on short hunts, probably no more than a few hours, and kids will be more enthusiastic to join you next time.

Be Extra Aware of the Weather

Rainy weather and harsh winds can be a great time for an adult. For a child, good weather is more ideal for hunting. Taking a child hunting in poor conditions will only make them scared, uncomfortable, and cold. If bad weather is coming, plan your hunt for another day.

Dress Them Properly

As an avid hunter, you know the importance of high-quality hunting apparel. Dress a kid in proper hunting gear so they appreciate good camouflage and proper hunting garments, including blaze orange. This will also make the kid feel more involved in the hunting process.

Teach, Teach, Teach

Kids are curious. Every moment in hunting represents a teaching opportunity; so take the time to explain why you carry your shotgun in a certain manner, why you shoot ahead of a duck, or how to tell a deer’s age. Kids want to know why, so become a teacher on hunting day.

Start Them Out with Small Game

Big game is probably not the most ideal way to start a youth hunt. Instead, go for something small and active, like squirrel or rabbit hunting. This will give the child the chance to experience hunting at a smaller size, moving them into deer and other large game in the future.

Involve the Kid in Hunting-Related Activities

Kids should know that hunting is more than just pointing a gun and shooting. It also involves preparation and practice. Let the kid help with setting up decoys, building a duck blind, inspecting a treestand, and training the dogs. This will help them become invested in the sport.

Set an Ethical Example

Finally, make sure you are setting a good example for the child. We want smart, responsible, and ethical hunters for the future, so don’t trespass, don’t shoot recklessly, and never disregard the value of an animal’s life. By teaching good hunting ethics, you are protecting the future of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

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