How to Make a Group Hunting Trip Go Smoothly

How to Make a Group Hunting Trip Go Smoothly

Hunting can be a deeply personal experience that you can enjoy all by yourself, or it can be a time to share with friends, family, and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

Group hunts are perfect examples of the social aspect of hunting. People gather together with the common goal of getting outside, working together, and hopefully having a strong harvest.

Group hunts are great for learning new hunting techniques, connecting with like-minded individuals, and having a more productive and rewarding hunt.

But let’s face it, group hunts can be frustrating too. Lack of communication, disagreements, and differences in hunting styles can quickly turn a group hunt sour, and can even create dangerous situations where different hunters are not on the same page.

Designate a Leader

Most hunting groups consist of a large percentage of alpha males, and let’s face it, we don’t always like to follow instructions, especially if we believe we know more than the “leader.”

Get over it.

To have a successful group hunt, you need one person to be the designated leader. This will usually be the person with the most experience or the person who best knows the land you will be hunting. Either way, make sure everyone in the party knows who is going to be making decisions for group movements and individual responsibilities.

Set Shooting Standards Before the Guns are Loaded

What is the protocol for shooting in your group? For example, if you are on a hunt for pheasant of quail, what happens when a bird flies directly in front of a hunter? Does that person get the first shot and others can shoot after a miss, or does everyone within range get a chance at the flying bird? Different hunters learn different standards, so communicate the expected manners for today’s hunt before a single shell is loaded.

Wear Blaze Orange Whenever Possible

The more people in your party, the greater the chance of an accident. It’s just the simple truth. In order to have the safest hunt possible, everyone should be wearing at least some blaze orange, which stands out like a beacon against the earthy tones of the outdoors.

Certain hunts may also have legal requirements for wearing hunter orange, so check your state’s regulations and make sure everyone in your group is dressed appropriately.

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Be Stealth Even as a Group

Depending on the game you are hunting, keeping quiet and talking as little as possible could be very important. While you never want to neglect conversation related to safety, hunting some animals requires a stealthy approach, and everyone in the group should be aware of this.

For example, a loud, talkative party may scare out all the deer before posters are in position, allowing the game to escape. A quiet approach from the entire party would be more effective.

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