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by Ally Carey December 15, 2015

Do you have a hunter on your holiday-shopping list?

It might seem like a challenge to find the perfect gift; after all, most hunters are well prepared for their pursuit. There really isn’t much they need.

However, you can find the right gift for a hunter no matter how well prepared or experienced they are. With a few good ideas and a little ingenuity, you’ll find the perfect gift to keep them happy all season.

Hunting and Utility Knives

Hunters can use just about any type of knife, from advanced survival knives to classic single-blade pocketknives. A good field knife makes dressing game much cleaner and easier, and Swiss army knives are effective, convenient tools to have in any situation.

Hunting Shirts

Give your hunter a gift they can enjoy all year long. NOMAD tee shirtsare comfortable and light, making them perfect for daily chores or enjoying an afternoon at home. You can find NOMAD tees with a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing you to give the perfect gift this season.

Range Finder

This is an amazing gift for archery and rifle hunters, especially those that hunt in open country. Range finders allow a hunter to accurately determine the distance between themselves and a target, making them more effective hunters. These items can be pricey (usually around $200, but can go as high as $3,000 for advanced models), so you may want to consider a group gift on this one.

NOMAD Neck Gaitor

If you know a hunter who needs to stay concealed and protected, the NOMAD neck gaitoris a great choice. Made from moisture-wicking fabrics, this product draws moisture away from the skin, which can help keep a hunter stay warm during an entire day in the wild. Available in four different styles, this is the perfect gift for any bow, rifle, or shotgun hunter.

New Pair of Binoculars

Every hunter can use a pair of binoculars, and if they love being outdoors during the off season, this gift gets even better. You can find a wide range of binoculars ranging in size and price range, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a decent pair. Besides, most hunters probably want something smaller that they can easier store in their pack or pocket.

Vacuum Sealing System

If you know a hunter who is good at what they do, they could probably use a vacuum sealer for all the meat they bring home. These machines help store food in an airtight container, and they usually cost less than $100.00, making them a relatively affordable (and cost-effective) present.

Hunting Pants

Hunters of all types, from treestand sitting archers to bird enthusiasts walking the fields, can use a durable, warm, and lightweight pair of paint. NOMAD pants come in three different varieties, giving you plenty of options for this season’s gift.

Elite Performance Apparel for Dedicated Hunters

If you are looking for top-quality hunting apparel, visit the online store from NOMAD. You’ll find shirts, base layers, jackets, and more, all made with the finest materials and the most advanced engineering.

Ally Carey
Ally Carey

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