NOMAD: How to Stay Quiet in a Tree Stand

NOMAD: How to Stay Quiet in a Tree Stand

While deer don’t have the most acute hearing in the animal kingdom, there’s no doubt that keeping quiet is essential for a successful hunt.

If you’re hunting from a treestand, staying quiet can be a challenge no matter what you’re after. It takes preparation and practice, but when done right, you can be one of the quietest hunters in the woods.

Silence of the Stands

You could be as quiet and careful as a prowling mountain lion, but if your tree stand is creaky and loose, you’ll scare all the game away before you get a chance to shoot. Take the time to lubricate any moving parts on your stand, including hinges, joints, and adjustable points. You can also use an unscented candle on metal that runs into a larger-diameter tube, which will dampen the sound when making adjustments.

Lay down boat carpeting on the floor of your stand. This will eliminate the sound of scraping boots across the metal platform.

If have a mobile tree stand at home, attach it to a tree a couple of feet off the ground and climb in. Are there any squeaks or rattles? If you hear something at home, just imagine how loud it will be in the peaceful serenity of the woods. Try to pinpoint any sounds and eliminate them accordingly.

Cut Down on Accessories

Hunters love their gadgets and gear, but the more you carry, the more noise you’ll make. You don’t want to sound like a jar of spare change while roaming through the woods and clamoring up your tree stand, so when silence is essential, be a minimalist.

To keep movements from becoming noisy, store items like ammo, flashlights, and gadgets in a pack that you hang near your stand. This will lessen your sound, but safety items like an emergency whistle and folding knife should be kept in a pocket for immediate access.

Break Up the Rhythm of Your Climb

While you are approaching the stand, make a conscious effort to break up the pace of your walking and climbing. It might look goofy, but this technique will mask the all-too-familiar sound of a human’s movements. You could also employ calls to confuse deer and other game. For example, a turkey call might make deer think that a couple of hens are making the commotion, not a hunter.

In-Stand Movements Should Must Be Slow and Deliberate

When your trophy comes strolling into your field of vision, it can seem like time slows. You become so focused on the game that the rest of the world could spill into the ocean and you wouldn’t notice. It’s just you and the animal. Now is not the time to make unnecessary clanks, bangs, and thumps. Whether you’re hunting with a bow, rifle, or any other weapon, take aim slowly and cautiously and always be careful to avoid snagging a branch or a part of your stand.

For bow hunters, pull back with a firm and steady draw. If you’re using a firearm, be sure to avoid bumping the barrel on a branch, or worse, a piece of the metal stand. Move silently and keep your aim true.

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