Hoodies for Hunters from NOMAD

Hoodies for Hunters from NOMAD

Hoodies for hunters are designed to a higher standard.

You can’t afford to wear poor material on the hunt, so quality material is essential. You need clothing that keeps you warm and dry while allowing you to retain flexibility and movement. You also need camouflage, scent-resistant and noise reduction apparel.

On the hunt, you need hoodies from NOMAD.

Avoid Plain Cotton on the Hunt

Cotton is a wonderful material. Adaptable, warm, and affordable, cotton is likely the most common clothing material in the world. Among the outdoor community, however, cotton has a bad reputation. This is because cotton is the worst material for wet, cold weather. It soaks in more water (as much as 27-times it’s own weight) and takes much longer to dry out. It’s associated with hypothermia and exposure, and has even brought the adage “cotton kills.”

What does this mean for hunters? It means you need to avoid plain cotton in the fields and woods. When the temperature drops, the wind howls, and the rain pours, you can’t afford to be wearing that baggy sweatshirt you’ve had since high school. It might be good for pickup games at the Y, but it’s the wrong choice for hunting expeditions.

The Advantage of NOMAD Hoodies for Hunters

During hunting season, comfort starts with dryness. Instead of dangerous cotton, we use synthetic materials that draw moisture away from the skin. This moisture-wicking technology ensures sweat draws away from your body to the outside of the garment, where it can then evaporate.

On the outside of the material, we use an advanced finish that locks out moisture and keeps the material from becoming water logged.

NOMAD Syncrate Hoodie

When you need the most advanced hunting hoodie available, the NOMAD Syncrate Hoodie is your top choice. We poured all of our finest materials, engineering, and designs into this piece of hunting apparel to create a hoodie that is warm, flexible, and comfortable. It uses a 1/2 zip in the front, two secure pockets, and a safety harness port for anyone hunting from a treestand.

There’s no question about it. If you’re a serious hunter, you need a serious hoodie. Be prepared for any situation with this hunting apparel.

NOMAD Logo Hoodie

If you are looking for a hoodie that looks great and performs well in the field, this is the apparel you need. Our Logo Hoodie comes in five different styles, including blaze orange, which is excellent for group hunts or upland bird hunting, and olive drab, a dark, mellow green that could work effectively with your camo wardrobe. These hunting sweatshirts have the NOMAD logo on the front and at the bottom of the right sleeve. The inside of the hood is lined with camouflage material, adding a slight touch of the outdoor spirit every time you don this hoodie for hunters.


Be Prepared for Any Weather with Hoodies for Hunters

You can have the best apparel for hunting. Browse our jackets and hoodies and you’ll find everything you need for an effective hunt. When you wear NOMAD, you’re wearing material designed for comfort, flexibility, and effective hunting. Give yourself the best chance in the field with NOMAD hunting apparel.