How Hunters Prepare for Spring Turkey Season

How Hunters Prepare for Spring Turkey Season

Before you realize it, winter will be over and opening day for spring turkeys will be knocking on your door. Are you ready?

To have a successful spring turkey season, you need to start preparing now.

Where Will You Hunt?

Most experienced hunters will have active hunting grounds already lined up, but if you’re just getting started, or if you need a new place to hunt, you’d better start talking with landowners now. You should have done this last year, but later is better than never. If you’re hunting public lands, take the time to walk the parks and wildlife reserves to become familiar with the landscape.

Get Out and Scout

Some turkey experts caution about scouting for turkey movements too early because turkey patterns will change in the spring, but about a month or so before the season, get out in the woods and look for signs of turkeys. You don’t have to be an expert either, as turkeys generally leave a big mess that includes large tracks, droppings, scratches, and feathers. (If you also deer hunt, scouting for turkey is a great chance to search for shed antlers.)

Study the Species

A good hunter knows his game. Take the time to learn everything you can about turkeys, from their biological makeup to their seasonal behaviors. There are magazines, websites, and library books on the subject, so become a wild turkey expert and you’ll be a superior wild turkey hunter.

Practice Your Calling Techniques

You should have been doing this all year, but like most hunters, you probably put away the calls for the winter. Get them out and master your turkey calls. If anyone in your house is annoyed, just remind them of the delicious turkey dinner you’ll be serving in the spring.

Practice with Your Weapon

Whether you’re using a shotgun or a bow, proficiency is key. Get out to the gun range (the earlier the better, as ranges fill up the week before a major season) and take plenty of practice shots. If you’re using a shotgun, make sure you are fitted for turkey and properly choked.

Request Time of Off ASAP

In many states, the first day of turkey season (outside of youth season) is on a Monday. This is an intentional decision by conservation officials to disperse the initial pressure on turkeys and spread out the hunting crowd. If you can take off work, do it now so you can enjoy opening day, increasing your odds of a successful hunt.

Stock Up on Performance Hunting Apparel

Turkey season calls for high-quality, performance hunting apparel. You need camouflage from head to toe, but you never really know what the weather will do. In the spring, it could be below freezing or scorching hot, so layered apparel is essential.

Get the Right Hunting Apparel for Spring Season

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