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NOMAD’s Spring Collection

by NOMAD Outdoor March 02, 2016

For too many outdoor enthusiasts, spring isn’t a time for hunting. All the deer seasons are over, the waterfowl have come and gone, and we can only dream about next fall’s opening day for pheasants. It’s time to put away the rifle, the shotgun, and the bow, and break out the fishing rods.

Or is it?

Serious hunters know that spring is one of the best seasons for hunting. The whitetail season may be over, but there is still a huge variety of game you can pursue, including coyote, crow, wild hog, and the always popular, wild turkey.  

Some might be content with ending the hunting season and just going for a leisurely spring hike. But some of us think about the sport all year; the thought of not hunting is sacrilege.

If you’re heading to the woods and the fields this spring, make sure you have the right apparel for the job. Spring can create some unpredictable weather, so you need apparel the meets a wide variety of challenges.

From harsh winds to damp conditions, NOMAD’s spring collection can help you stay comfortable all through the entire spring hunting season.


NOMAD LS Cooling Tee Mossy Oak Bottomland: Spring Collection

Lightweight, loose fitting, and incredibly comfortable, this piece of hunting apparel will deliver the moisture-wicking fabrics you need for the spring. On cool days, this hunting shirt makes a top-quality base layer that propels moisture away from your skin. On warm spring afternoons, it can even be worn by itself, providing the camouflage you need for hunting turkey and coyote.



NOMAD LS Cooling Tee Mossy Oak Obsession: Spring Collection

Using all the high-quality fabrics and technology that has made our entire collection so popular, this hunting long-sleeve shirt keeps you comfortable through the roughest spring conditions. While the shirt has a leafy camouflage print that hides you from your quarry, the back features a breathable mesh that helps you stay cool throughout a warm spring afternoon.



NOMAD Camo Neck Gaitor Mossy Oak Bottomland: Spring Collection

During spring hunts, staying concealed is one of the most important aspects of your success. Especially for sharp-eyed game like wild turkey, having complete camouflage is essential. This hunting facemask allows you to conceal your face from prey while protecting yourself from wind, sun, and moisture. These hunting masks blend into the greenish-brown spring foliage and give you another advantage in the field.



NOMAD Camo Neck Gaitor Mossy Oak Obsession: Spring Collection

Mossy Oak is one of the leaders in hunting camouflage and apparel, and we are proud to partner with this innovative brand to create high-quality hunting apparel, including this effective hunting mask. It has breathable fabrics, a snug, comfortable fit, and a natural camo design that is perfect for spring hunting.



Find Your Spring Hunting Apparel Here

When you need performance hunting apparel, you need NOMAD. With outstanding designs and world-class fabrics, this clothing is designed for hunters, by hunters. If you feel the urge to hunt all year long, make sure you have layered apparel from NOMAD.

NOMAD Outdoor
NOMAD Outdoor

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