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by Nomad Outdoor February 01, 2017

NOMAD is pleased to announce the start of a new multi-year relationship with one of the greatest groups in the outdoor industry: Drury Outdoors. We are proud to sponsor the Drurys, providing innovative performance hunting apparel and gear for use in their line-up of incredible hunting programming.

Starting this year, the Drury Outdoor team will be clad solely in NOMAD performance apparel for all their public appearances, including television shows, social media content and hunting videos. NOMAD will serve as Title Sponsor of THIRTEEN and be the Apparel Sponsor for Bow Madness, Dream Season and Natural Born.

Thoughts from the Teams

As NOMAD President Ben Verner explains, “Mark and Terry love to hunt. Their determination to be the best, the pride in their work, dedication to their loyal viewers and commitment to family is what has kept them on top of the game for nearly 30 years.”  

Beyond our pride in partnering with such dedicated outdoorsmen, NOMAD is pleased with the synergy of the relationship. As Verner puts it, “NOMAD is apparel built by hunters for hunters and is engineered for those who hunger to hunt. The team at Drury Outdoors shares our passion for the hunt and we are honored to support them.”

Mark and Terry Drury agree: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to join the team over at NOMAD.” Forging long-term partnerships with people who ‘get it’ is what we strive for every day at Drury Outdoors.”

Drury Outdoors

Drury Outdoors is best known for their hunting shows, including THIRTEEN, Bow Madness, Dream Season and Natural Born. THIRTEEN explores 13 different phases and tactics for harvesting whitetails, while Bow Madness is dedicated to those who hunt with stick and string. Dream Season embraces the human side of hunting, and chronicles the journey of eight different hunters seeking the season of a lifetime. Natural Born packs more hunting tips, tricks and information into 30 minutes than any other show in the business.

To learn more about the entire Drury Outdoors team or find programming information, please visit their website:

NOMAD Performance Apparel

NOMAD builds gear for those driven by a primal urge to hunt. Unlike most other hunting apparel lines, which are conceived in a boardroom somewhere by people who’ve never spent a morning shivering in a tree stand, NOMAD performance hunting apparel is designed by hunters, for hunters.

From the wee hours of opening day to the last moments of the season, NOMAD outdoor apparel is built to make your time in the field more comfortable and productive. Whether you prefer to call gobblers in southern forests or stalk pronghorns through the Rockies, NOMAD has the high-quality outerwear you need to get the job done. From coast to coast, dawn to dusk, blizzard to sunshine, NOMAD apparel helps you to unleash the hunter lurking deep inside.

I hunt, because I have to. I hunt, therefore I am.

I hunt because I am a NOMAD.

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Nomad Outdoor
Nomad Outdoor

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