Turkey Species

Turkey Species


The Osceola turkey or the Florida bird is the hardest of the North American birds to knock off your grand slam. The reason for this is the small geographical habitat of the Osceola, it’s only found in central Florida. When I think of Florida I think of warm weather, palm trees and of course backyard BBQ’s. Let’s create a beautiful dish that you would be proud to serve or bring to any backyard get together, even if you’re not in Florida. 


Eastern turkeys are the widest spread with birds found in 36 states covering the entire East Coast. If we take a look at east coast foods, you’ll find a melting pot of culinary influences. But when I think of Eastern birds I think of backwoods and home cooking, and what’s more home cooking than Pot Pie. Come and try out a new recipe for wild turkey that’s been used for hundreds of years, a delicious turkey pot pie. Fresh veggies, pie crust and your recent harvest will make one of your family’s new favorite dishes. 

Rio Grande: 

The Rio can be found in Texas and Oklahoma all the way west to California and Oregon. This bird can live in a verity of topographies and locations. They can be found in the desert landscapes of South Texas to the high sierras of California and tend to be the most bronze of all 4 sub species of turkeys. One of the best ways I’ve eaten Rios was in Texas when an older Hispanic woman turned our days kill into a southwestern inspired egg roll. I took her inspiration and made my own version of it for her years later, she smiled and said Bueno. Now it’s your turn to try out my version of a south west inspired dish. 


The high mountain bird, the turkey that loves the high altitudes and lone pines. You’ll find what in my opinion is the prettiest of the 4 birds scratching around large pines to the plains of Nebraska and the Dakotas. With where this bird lives the weather tends to be a little on the colder side while hunting. Morning and evening temps are in the 40’s and lower. I’ve even hunted them in the dumping spring storms in Wyoming. One of my favorite dishes to make with Merriam’s is a simple and creamy turkey noodle soup. Soups are a perfect way to warm yourself up after a long day hiking the woods of sitting in the open fields watching these bird’s strut.