Whitetail Hunting Checklist

Whitetail Hunting Checklist

Gear Up for the Rut with Nomad 

C'mon, it's Whitetail Deer season - also known as one of the best times of the year. The gear you choose now will greatly impact the results of your hunt later.  Be prepared. We've put together a Whitetail Checklist to help out; from core items like a warm base layer, to tools like a rangefinder - they all play a critical part of your overall success in the field. 


Deer Season Checklist and System - 

There are a variety of items that work together as a kit to help ensure a successful whitetail deer hunting season. Clothing base layers, pants and outerwear work as a system to keep hunters comfortable and in the field ready for the opportunity at a trophy whitetail when it presents itself. Optics, knives, and packs work as a tool outfit to ensure the mechanics of the pursuit, the harvest, and game care are done with efficiency.  

Choosing the Right Outerwear for Whitetail Deer Hunting - 

Outerwear is the critical layer of protection between the hunter and the elements. Comfort in the stand or the blind can often make the difference between dedicating the hours it takes for a successful hunt and heading back to the truck early. Whitetail hunting outerwear must be warm, wind-resistant, quiet, and provide concealment. An outerwear system should include a jacket, pants, and accessories that work together.  

Deer Hunting Jacket - Nomad’s Harvester NXT Jacket is ideal for mid-season hunts and mild late-season sits. Brushed fleece provides absolute quiet and stealth, paired with a wind and water-resistant liner, the Harvester Jacket is ready for the elements. Offered in the versatile Mossy Oak Droptine camo pattern the Harvester is an ideal choice for deer hunters, providing warmth, stealth, and comfort.  

Deer Hunting Pants - Hunting pants have a lot to live up to. They should be tough, quiet, comfortable, and move with the hunter. Nomad put together the perfect deer hunting pant with their Harvester NXT Pant. The three-layer fabric design laminates wind and water resistance between the soft sherpa inner layer and the brushed fleece exterior. The ever-adjustable waistband paired with a gusseted crotch ensures mobility and a wide range of motion. The Harvester pant comes in the Mossy Oak Droptine camo pattern to help hunters remain concealed.  

Deer Hunting Accessories - Outerwear accessories like gloves, hats, and neck gators can’t be overlooked. Frost-bitten fingertips, cold ears, or a chill down the neck are sometimes all it takes to end a hunt. Nomad’s team of hunters put together the accessories that complete the outerwear package. The Harvester Glove is perfect for mid-season on its own or under a heavy mitten for late-season adventures. With touchscreen fingertips and triple-layer construction, the Harvester Glove is ideal. Offered in the Mossy Oak Droptine camo, the Nomad Harvester Beanie and Neck Gator round out the accessories for a complete kit designed to keep hunters comfortable and in the field.   

Some of the details to consider when choosing outerwear for whitetail season include: 

  • Warmth / Insulation 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Scent / Odor
  • Weight / Comfort 

Ultimately, outerwear chosen for whitetail deer season depends on a variety of factors including the climate, terrain, and style of hunting that will be encountered.  


Baselayer Gear for Whitetail Deer Season -  

Frosty mornings paired with warm and sunny afternoons can make for a wide temperature gap this hunting season. Dressing in layers and utilizing natural fabrics that are breathable while still providing mobility is key to staying comfortable and being in the stand when it counts.  

Durawool by Nomad - Merino wool is the superhero of hunting fabrics. Wool stays warm when wet, provides natural odor control, and helps to regulate body temperature without being clammy. Nomad put together a whole lineup of baselayer garments including boxers, pants, hoodies, and crew necks all crafted with merino fabrics with their Durawool collection to provide hunters with the best tools for their checklist.  

Available in neutral colors like Moss & Mud, or camo patterns like Mossy Oak Droptine & Migrate, these baslayer garments provide warm without bulk that is superior others alike.   

Whitetail Season Toolkit -

Having the right tool for the job provides confidence and efficiency in the field. Putting together a toolkit for this whitetail deer season will keep things in order and organized, ready for the hunt. The Nomad whitetail checklist includes a variety of hardware for a successful hunt.  


Deer Hunting Pack - A simple daypack with plenty of pockets, quiet zippers, and adjustable straps is perfect for packing in tools, calls, snacks, game tags, and a variety of other items. Look for a pack that is durable, and comfortable.  


Deer Hunting Multitool - You never know what tool you might need and when. From boot repair to scope adjustments, and treestand assembly to trimming brush, a multitool can provide a variety of tools in a small package.   


Deer Hunting Hunting Knife / Knives - While multitools include one or more blades, a dedicated hunting knife, or two, is important for any deer hunting kit. Consider a stiff blade for field dressing, and a second blade for caping, skinning, and butchering.   

Hunting knives should be kept sharp, and clean. Consider a hunting knife with replaceable scalpel-style blades if weight or kit size is an issue.  


Deer Hunting Optics - Apart from the rifle scope for centerfire and muzzleloader seasons, having a sturdy pair of binoculars and a range finder should be a part of any deer hunter's kit. Roof prism binoculars in a 10X42 are a classic choice for deer hunters providing a compromise between weight & bulk compared to magnification and light gathering.  


Deer Hunting Calls - Part of the thrill of hunting is the interaction with the animals that are pursued. Calling to whitetails with rattle calls and grunt tubes is so rewarding when it’s effective. Consider putting one of each type of call in the kit.  


Whitetail deer is the number one pursued big game animal in North America, and for good reason. Deer are plentiful and widespread, they provide wholesome protein, and their cunning nature makes for exciting hunting opportunities. 


This season when the hunt is calling, put together a whitetail deer hunting kit with the Nomad Whitetail Checklist.