Deer Meat: The Best Uses Of Venison

Deer Meat: The Best Uses Of Venison

The experience of deer hunting is certainly the best part. The second best? Many hunters would say it’s eating all that delicious and versatile deer meat.

There are many ways that you can use your deer meat, so let’s look at some of your options...

Remember that proper cleaning and processing is essential. Whether you are completely processing the deer yourself or simply field dressing it for the meat locker, you should always take the utmost care to avoid injury and the spread of disease, bacteria, and parasites.

Venison Steaks

A rugged outdoorsmen will be happy with just about any part of the deer, but certain parts of the animal will provide cuts for the grill than others. The inner loin is the most tender part of the deer, giving you a succulent and delicious piece of meat that can be grilled with as little doctoring as possible, often just some salt and pepper.

The backstraps are also a popular source for steaks, and like the loins, they are often cut out and grilled right at the camp. The largest muscles of the hindquarters are another popular choice for deer steaks.

Ground Burger

Processing a few dozen pounds (or more) of deer meat for simple ground burger is a popular choice. Depending on the fat content, the age, and a few other factors, deer burgers can be just as good, if not better, than your typical hamburger. Fill your freezer with simple and versatile ground deer meat and you’ll have the foundation for burgers, hamburger helper, tacos, and whatever else your creative mind can cook up.

Deer Sausage

There are probably as many deer sausage recipes as there are deer hunters. Each outdoorsman or game chef has his or her own opinion on the best flavors, mixtures, and sausage-making processes. Most deer sausage recipes will add ground pork, which increases the fat content and makes the sausage more juicy. The recipe will also likely include some salt, pepper, and a sweetener like white or brown sugar. They may also have a spicy agent like chili powder and jalapenos, or earthy flavors like thyme, rosemary, or oregano.

Deer Sticks

Deer sticks are the perfect little snack food. Compact, handheld, and flavorful, these treats have just as much flavor variety as deer sausage. You can make some that have a sweet or salty flavor, or mix a batch that is exclusively for those who love spice.

They will be packed into casings, similar to sausages, but will be narrower, about the size of a cigar. Perhaps the best thing about deer sticks is that they can be frozen and stored for months and still deliver outstanding taste and texture when thawed.

Deer Jerky

Another popular snack, and one that you’ll probably have to hide before it disappears, is deer jerky. To make this treat, you’ll have to marinate thin strips of meat in the flavor of your choice, cook at low heat for over four hours, and let cool completely, taking out all the moisture and ensuring a long-lasting snack.

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