South Florida Turkey

South Florida Turkey

Signs of spring have emerged, and anxious turkey hunters across Florida are hearing what they've been waiting for—the characteristic gobbles of Osceola wild turkeys and watching toms strut into their calls.

The opening week of turkey hunting in South Florida is an exciting time for hunters as they prepare to take on the challenge of bagging a wild turkey. Who doesn't like the sound of that? Florida boasts two native subspecies–Eastern Wild Turkeys and Osceola or 'Florida' Turkeys. Osceolas are found exclusively on the peninsula.

Florida temperature can range from freezing to 100 degrees in March and April, with temps usually rising quickly as the morning sun rises. So layering and breathable clothing is a must.


Our Stretch Lite series hits the mark.

A lightweight pant and shirt that breaths and is antimicrobial for those hot days. For cooler mornings, add the Pursuit Long Sleeve T-shirt under the Button down stretch light shirt, and for an even chillier morning, throw on a Longneck Hoodie.

Something that should stay in your turkey vest is the Nomad Poncho. It's a must for every turkey hunt that turns into a rainy day. The Poncho allows you to cover yourself along with other gear to keep dry. Add a Thermacell for mosquitos, Apex ammunition, and your favorite turkey calls in your vest, and you’re ready to chase Osceola’s.

We've built the ‘best of’ vests. It has the best features of our previous vests, uniquely constructed with a free-standing frame style that uses an innovative locking bracket system to keep it in place.

Discover the ultimate outdoor companion with the Nomad Bull Lounger Turkey Vest. It’s crafted for strength and features a lightweight aluminum removable frame for weight reduction. Paired with 23 pockets to hold all your gear, this turkey vest is prepared to tackle any terrain.

The vest lends itself well to hunting in a blind because it offers maximum comfort and utility while you stay mobile.

Boasting fourteen adjustment points, enjoy superior comfort without compromising style or fit. With plenty of roomy compartments, including an adjustable rear game pouch and dedicated space for Thermacells, mouth calls & box calls, the dual water bottle pocket ensures that hydration is at your fingertips and will follow wherever the hunt takes you.